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miatweetszone   Nov 22, 2015   Comment Videos

Daryl meets Maria at 5:12.


miatweetszone   Jul 2, 2015   Comment Videos

Sunday Dreamland did a video of Maria and it is amazing, check it out and make sure to subscribe to their channel 🙂

miatweetszone   May 20, 2015   Comment Videos

You guys are amazing with your videos! I found a new MV of the lovely Maria, it’s a heel MV based on her ring of honor character. Hope you guys like it and remember to subscribe to Bruno!

miatweetszone   Apr 19, 2015   Comment Videos

Fan video of Maria at Northeast Wrestling

miatweetszone   Mar 15, 2015   Comment Videos

These two Miatweets are dancing to Maria’s song ‘Alice in Wonderland’. A big round of applause for both of you, you did an amazing job. If you have videos or anything else tweet us @OhSoMariaWebs or email us at mkanelliscontact@gmail.com. 🙂

miatweetszone   Jan 15, 2015   Comment Videos

MiaTweets you are excellent in video editing! This video was made by Jordan, this video is simply beautiful. make sure to watch and subscribe!

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miatweetszone   Jan 15, 2015   Comment Videos

This MV was made by osamah on YouTube, great job with the edit and video! If you want to send your video email us at mkanelliscontact@gmail.com

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