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miatweetszone   Jul 17, 2015  


Over the past week we have seen many drawings of the lovely Maria and we wanted to share with you the fantastic Art work! Be sure to click the photo to view the artist’s profiles. If you got artwork or any photo edit feel free to tweet it to us at @OhSoMariaWebs or to mkanelliscontact@gmail.com! 🙂

maria_kanellis_by_bubblypunkkat-d7ar1mk0575430e5e6f66c9fdb8d1cc7bfb8407maria_kanellis_by_fallingtourniquet222-d3kjubjmaria_by_xjordynary-d45jddl81534c669ca40a08f3e0bdf724dbfaf9-d4ndm0n kanellis_by_nigeldyck-d4l8xb9 maria_kanellis_by_circle_of_life maria_kanellis_by_lolavincent maria_kanellis_by_oneandonlyllat maria_kanellis_by_saralopes23-d52u13o

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